We have learned the value of complexity. Complex, or rather integrated, or rather refined in the proposal for sharing. We have imagined and then created Porta Coeli Editions, an art publishing house portraying research experiences and contemporary art exhibitions. The final product is complex as it originates from integration: artworks, critical texts, graphic optimizations, creative supports strengthening the cult of beauty and the contamination between the contribution of who produces art and who presents it.
Nevertheless, Porta Coeli Editions is a publishing house for avant-garde poets and writers as well… for those experimenting new possible fascinating solutions by means of words.
In this case, complexity is guaranteed by the willingness to believe that language is not just semantic but also sound, colour, sometimes a weapon.
Porta Coeli Editions is also a publishing house for essayists and scholars. For those who still find it complex taking a deeper look at the already-known beyond the utility of knowledge, moving the boundary one inch farther.

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is not merely a place: it is an avant-garde idea generated and nourished in an Italian province, quite far from huge capitals.

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