Following a number of training initiatives as a non-profit committee, Porta Coeli has been accredited Training Centre by Regione Basilicata (in compliance with DD n. 15AK.2015/D.02137 of 1/12/2015): this is how Porta Coeli Academy was founded. The regional accreditation allows us to issue certifications and qualifications having a Europe-wide validity, at the end of the training courses. Those are addressed both to the young who aim at widening their background in a more pragmatic and specialized manner and professionals who want to enrich their knowledge and be more competitive on their own field.

Faithful to our inspiring passion for art and culture, a part of our training is dedicated to the learning and improvement of artistic techniques, history of the arts, artistic curatorship activities and layout, to mention a few examples.
One of the activities promoted by our centre, the restoration laboratory, was founded thanks to the partnership agreement signed with the Association “I Bastioni” of Florence, whose purpose is to gather specialized conservator-restorers to protect and restore cultural assets. The laboratory has a dedicated space in our structure.

Porta Coeli’s training offer includes Advanced Training Courses, Postgraduate Masters Courses, Continuing Vocational Training for companies and freelance professionals, qualification courses for many professional figures. Moreover, we pay specific attention to training activities for foreign students who want to know and take a deeper look at art issues, techniques and Italian culture. Thus, training projects are arranged in order to meet the requests of the foreign market, increasingly involved in the arts field.

Last but not least, to comply with many requests, one-weekend courses on psychology, photography and communication are also offered.


is not merely a place: it is an avant-garde idea generated and nourished in an Italian province, quite far from huge capitals.

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