Aniello Ertico

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Founder and director of the Porta Coeli International Art Gallery and Study Centre for Mediterranean culture, he has worked with renowned organisations and public institutions in Italy and abroad. Building on his work experience as director in the Finance sector, he has taught marketing and management for the arts and cultural sector within the framework of the Master courses run by the accredited academy that he runs. As an invited speaker he has attended several prestigious conferences, and curated contemporary art exhibitions in Italy and abroad, and has been officially recognised as an actor of reference by Qatar Ministry of Culture as well as the Secretary General of the Orthodox Monastery of Nafpaktos (Greece). Of note, he has been elected member of a chivalric order.
Writer and producer with an interdisciplinary background, also including studies in cognitive analysis, hypnosis, and emotional mapping, he has won different prizes and recognitions for his literary works. Recently, he has now turned to cross-disciplinary productions spanning visual and performing arts, including film making. 
At the Florence Biennale, Aniello Ertico has presented Scirocco alla Controra (in the early afternoon hours), a video bringing in text from his book Scirocco, featuring Nadia Kibout as well as scene sets by Salvatore Comminiello, Controra. Shooting was made in stunning locations in the artist’s native land, Lucania.

Scirocco alla controra


Adapted from "Scirocco" by Aniello Ertico 
Subject, screenplay and direction by Aniello Ertico
Actress Nadia Kibout
Photography and editing by Ugo Lo Pinto
Research by Myriam Spadone
Artistic scenography by Salvatore Comminiello
Body painter Giusy Capolungo
Artistic advisor Melanie Zefferino


is not merely a place: it is an avant-garde idea generated and nourished in an Italian province, quite far from huge capitals.

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