Antonio Saluzzi

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Born in Acerenza (near Potenza) Antonio Saluzzi comes from a family of craftsmen. He combines a passion for brass musical instruments and an immense love for bronze sculpture. He perfected the direct and indirect lost wax casting and other techniques in his Master’s workshop. Then, as a result of his endless experimentation, he mastered the antique sand casting technique. “My sculptures belong to fire, of which I am the respectful assistant at the foot of Mount Vulture”, he said. 
Indeed, stood out for his commemorative bronze works, for instance the medals commissioned by Italian institutions for the Qatar Ministry of Culture and the President of Honduras, the medal celebrating the two-millenary of Emperor Augustus for the Municipality of Turin (2014); the bronze goddess Enotria commissioned by the Regional Authorities of Basilicata and donated to the President of the Italian Republic (2017). In collaboration with the paintress Maria Ditaranto he realised the 3D model and casting of the bronze Dragonfly commissioned by the Regional Authorities of Basilicata as the “Ester Scardaccione” Prize 2017. He has also collaborated with Antonella Rubertone for the casting of her tiara to be presented at the XIth Florence Biennale, where he is showing Anàstasis.
Admired for his technical mastery and attention to detail, Antonio Saluzzi has exhibited internationally. For his works, he takes inspiration from the myths of classical antiquity, and Christianity. He shares his passion as a teacher of Iconography at the Porta Coeli Study Centre for Mediterranean Culture in Venosa.



Bronze, lost-wax casting on wood support and sandstone.
Bronze element: 40 x 40 cm


is not merely a place: it is an avant-garde idea generated and nourished in an Italian province, quite far from huge capitals.

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