Nadia Kibout

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Born in Saint-Etienne (France) from Algerian parents, she currently lives in Lucania. She has cultivated her talent and passion for acting since a very early age. After attending a drama school in Milan, where she mastered the Stanislavsky method, she studied in Paris at Le Cours Florent school, then under Ariane Mnouchkine’s guidance at the Théâtre du Soleil. In the following years, she has attended different seminars and workshops with internationally recognised teachers, mainly American members of Lee Strasberg’s Actor’s Studio.
In 2004 she played a dramatic role in Mario Rellini’s Balletto di guerra, after which she would act in several films and fictions. She debuted in theatre with Il Dubbio, directed by Sergio Castellito. 
As a director she participated in the 72nd Mostra del Cinema di Venezia with Le Ali velate, with which she won in ex-aequo the Mutti – AMM Prize. That award is open to Italy-based directors from other countries who aim to foster cross-cultural communication and shed light on relevant social issues while sharing a knowledge of cultures representing ‘otherness’ and ‘diversity’ in the host country. Still with Le Ali velate, in 2017 Nadia Kibout obtained prestigious recognitions, namely the Los Angeles Actors Award as best actress, and a Special Mention from the Jury of the Indian World Film Festival.
At the XIth Florence Biennale she performed live in the role of Makeda, Queen of Sheba, as protagonist of Aniello Ertico’s video, Scirocco alla Controra.

Scirocco alla controra


Protagonist of Aniello Ertico's video, 2017


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