Salvatore Comminiello

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Born in Potenza, where he lives and works as a painter and graphic designer, Salvatore Comminiello studied art in his hometown and debuted on the arts scene at a young age. He has displayed his works extensively in solo exhibitions in public venues, museums, and art galleries, especially Porta Coeli. In 2017 he participated in the Florence Biennale and, as a finalist, at the “Rosso Passione” contest in Sardinia.
His artistic research combines the experimentation of synthetic materials (acetate, plexiglas, polyurethanes and other types of plastic) with a play on symbols to create his own original visual language. His most recent mixed media works, for instance, Forest and Fields in the Sky, also embody natural elements such as leaves and flowers. Through a fascinating texture of signs, colours, and materials, his compositions convey meaning and appear to lead to a spiritual dimension beyond the
limits of space and time.

Soul and Heart

Mixed media on panel
60 x 50 cm

As storms go by

Mixed media on panel
95 x 70 cm

Minimal Event

Diptych, mixed media on panel
87 x 114 cm

Fields in the Sky

Mixed media on panel
100 x 95 cm


Mixed media on panel
60 x 70 cm

The Day will Come

Mixed media on panel
115 x 80 cm


is not merely a place: it is an avant-garde idea generated and nourished in an Italian province, quite far from huge capitals.

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